Horseback Riding Lessons – Age 10 & under– 901-493-1586

Western Pleasure Horseback Riding Lessons – $25 for one hourcaithugdusty

No monthly commitment – pay for each lesson as you learn.  Take as many lessons as you need to build your confidence.  You will ride a gentle, gaited mare used to train children.  Trail through the woods is on site.

  • Safety:  safely handle, tie, feed, saddle, basic care
  • Ground manners: yield hindquarters, lunge, back-up, flex neck, de-spook with ropes
  • Horse body language: learn his signals – alert, annoyed, relaxed
  • Preparation to ride:  halter, saddle, emergency one-reign stop
  • Riding:  proper riding posture (feet, hands, back, knees flexed), ride bareback to learn balance, soft hands, go up and down steep hills with proper body posture, ride on the trail, trust your horse, unsaddle and return horse to pasture
  • Horse care:  pick up hoof, clean hoof, brush, give wormer, properly feed hay, water, grain, winter coat care
  • gracehorsebyherselflookingdown
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